• Stamp Print Sale in my Etsy shop!

    I'm feeling all summery and generous so thought I'd share the love with some discount goodness over on my Etsy shop. Why not on your website you ask? Well it was a click of the button on Etsy, so I didn't want to put my mouse finger through the digit olympics on my site to change them all!

    If you do head over there, you'll see that all my Stamp prints are 25% off! Grab yourself a bargain if you like a a phwoar! from Sid, Drink, Drink, Drink! from Father Jack or a pussy innuendo from Mrs Slocombe. There's also oodles of James Bonds and Doctor Whos on offer too - what's the word for a group of Bonds or Doctors? Answers on a postcard....

    Anyway here's the link, the sale's on all month - even if you only take a peek at them, the most important thing is to smile.chuckle.remember!




  • May the Homeguard be with you!

    Well, what a week of film and TV remakes and sequels! Dad's Army set to make a comeback with a film featuring Bill Nighy and Toby Jones and JJ Abrahms taking the helm of Star Wars Episode VII. I think Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill might have better luck with roles in Dad's Army!

    Making a new feature film of Dad's Army is going to be a tough ask but it does have Jimmy Perry's blessing as he's one of the producers. And let's hope the new Star Wars movie is better than the last lot of prequels (turn down the sqeaky clean cgi a bit please!).

    As Captain Mainwaring said to the Jedi - "You stupid boy, Skywalker!".



  • You Without Me...

    Afternoon all, sorry for the lack of posts on the blog of late. Lots of stuff been going on: University / Car / House / Hospital - not neccessarily in that order! And no I haven't sold the house and car to study medicine at Uni! Now that would be a mid-life crisis!

    Anyway, enough waffle, here's the main reason for this post... a new range! The "You without Me" print range is a slight departure from me ramming Film & TV shows down your throat (okay, they're still in there but not so obvious!). It's a print to celebrate someone who you just can't do without and shows the one you love, a friend for life or maybe a work buddy that there's a special bond between you. So what better way to say it than with words!

    There's Morecambe Without Wise, Holmes Without Watson and Fred Without Ginger to choose from, but if these iconic double acts aren't your bag, you can always personalise it. Maybe you're more Bert without Ernie, Gin without Tonic, Wallace without Grommit, Bacon without Eggs.... basically whatever floats you and yours boat! That reminds me, I better start doing one for Mrs Tyaprint!

    Available here.



  • Happy ...New Year, means new DecAge prints!

    All the usual suspects are there for a new year - 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, and 50th years for all those milestone birthdays. Everything has moved on a year, so if you're looking for a 1973 41st birthday present, they're still available.

    So if 1964 is the year for you, then Top of the Pops made its poptastic debut and a spoonful of sugar helped the medicine go down in Mary Poppins!

    Or if you know someone who was born in the year that saw Ronnie Barker holed up in HM Slade in Porridge and (my personal favourite) - the camp fire bean scene from the movie Blazzing Saddles, then 1974's your year.

    1984 was the year we first saw the satirical rubber puppets of Spitting Image on the box and too many to mention blockbusters at the movies - Ghostbusters, Terminator, Gremlins, Beverley Hills Cop!

    If you were born in 1993, then the highlights were Vic & Bob's Shooting Stars and the CGI fest of dinosaurs marauding their way across the screen in Jurassic Park!

    And finally if the young pup was born 1996, it saw Silent Witness make forensic patholgy look cool on the telly whilst a plethora of spotty dogs ran amuck in 101 Dalmatians!

    You can view all of the new Decage prints here.

    That's it for now - Happy New Year!




  • And the winner is.....

    Thanks for everyone who entered my Doctor Who inspired stamp print giveaway (pauses for breath!).

    Anyway the draw has been made, obviously I got a companion to pull the name from the Doctor Who mug! So the winner is.... fanfare, drum roll..... Craig Wilde!

    Prize Draw Video

    For all those that entered, sorry that it wasn't you this time. Do not fret - if you are in desperate need of a Doctor Stamp Print and entered the giveaway, I'm sure I can wave my sonic screwdriver to offer a discount! Let me know.

    Roll on Christmas Day!!!!

    I now have a War Doctor to do and what is the defacto answer for Time Lord numbering? Will I have to re-do from no.9 onwards????


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